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Allied PVC

Allied PVC

The Allied Tube & Conduit Corporation Electrical & Support Division develops and manufactures innovative electrical products with industry leading brands and applications-based thinking, supports everyone's role in electrical infrastructure design and development. We are driven by our unique ability to benefit the people we serve by supporting their professional growth, business growth, and the growth of our industry. Leading brands include Allied Tube & Conduit®, AFC Cable Systems®, Unistrut & Power-Strut® and COPE Cable Tray Systems. At Allied Tube & Conduit, we have the most specified line of EMT, IMC and rigid steel conduit. We offer the Kwik-Fit®, Kwik-Fit® Compression, Kwik-Couple®, True Color® products and the EZ-Pull® interior finish along with a line of Aluminum rigid conduit, couplings and elbows.


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