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Polywater | Hauff-Technik

Polywater | Hauff-Technik

Polywater and Hauff-Technik Gmbh & Co. KG have introduced a line of sealing systems to the U.S. market. The product line of mechanical seals and structural entrances will benefit a broad range of industry sectors. These sealing systems are designed for use in both new construction and existing infrastructure ranging from data centers, waste water treatment facilities, substations, multi-storied office complexes, and other infrastructure construction projects. Polywater | Hauff-Technik seals are adaptable and built to accommodate future demand for electrical and communication cables. The entire line of Polywater | Hauff-Technik sealants will protect against water, gas and rodent migration. The seals harden communities’ critical underground systems as they face harsher storms, more flooding, and greater variation in air temperature.


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